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Pin : Abbreviation of pinnacle , Top of mountain
Craft : Skill, Expertise needs gift / job with expertise / Vessel, boat
Skewed Mountain : Acknowledgement of Variety based on Objective Validity
05 Pincraft Engineering INC. Established
05 Main Office & R&D LAB Open (184 Samsung-Ro, Youngtong-Gu, Kyonggi-Do)
08 Samsung Digital Camera(WB150F, ST150F, WB250F, WB200F, NX2000F)
01 WiFi ANT Developed.
08 PCA(Pincraft ANT)Type1~type 4 Developed and Patent Acquired.
02 Venture Accredited by Government. ( No.201401011163 )
03 Factory Established in Korea (675-2, Gojan-Dong, Namdong-Gu, Inchon)
05 ISO9001/14001 Accredited.
05 PCA Type 4, Type 5 Developed and Patent (PCT Issued)
05 Factory Established in Korea, incheon
05 Started to manufacture Galaxy S5 main antenna for Samsung
05 PCA Type6 Developed and Patent.
06 Contract with CRESYN for BT applications OEM&ODM
07 Contract with AUDIOTECHNICA BT Headset OEM(50BT)
08 Contract with AUDIOTECHNICA BT Headset OEM (008BT)
09 Contract with Samsung Premium BT Headset OEM(SSG199)
09 Join the WPC associate member (QI mark)
10 PCA Chip Ant Developed and product to Acquired
11 PCA Type7 Metal prame Ant Developed and product.
02 Ultra slimmed wireless charging pads developed and patent for smart-phone.