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We have experienced antenna engineers, product device designers and wireless application product developers,
who can develop most suitable antennae for each of wireless device.
We have not only diverse wireless solution-related technology but also experience and patents on the development of diverse
antennae. We also have sufficient infrastructure for development and manufacture of antennae. All of these enable us to design
antenna more freely for our customers.
One of our mottos is shared prosperity. We prioritize sharing prosperity with our members, customers, partners and community.
We always keep such value in mind doing our business.
In order to achieve customers’ goals in a timely manner, we carry out projects in customers’ friendly way. We also have
infrastructure for development and manufacture within and outside of Korea to cope with rapidly changing customer demands
We are constantly investing in obtaining infrastructure for development and manufacture of Pincraft Antenna (PCA) series and
wireless solution. We are making such investment for the purpose of meeting diverse needs of our customers and taking a lead in
product design and technology development.