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Bluetooth communication technology and products are constantly being developed amid fast changing short-distance communication market. Due to the advent of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Bluetooth market has expanded: Bluetooth, which was previously applied to limited number of wireless devices such as notebooks, smart phones, heads, is now broadly applied to diverse devices including wearable products, healthcare products, medical appliances and accessories of many kind. Therefore, we are constantly receiving requests for OEM and ODM relating to Bluetooth wireless technology.
As for wireless charging, as more and more smart phones are being used, wireless charging is being adopted more frequently for mobile devices. Also, its applicability seems boundless. Under these circumstances, not only technology relating to batteries but also the methods of charging continue to develop.
Near Field Communication (NFC) uses 13.56Mz frequency range, has a loop structure and reinforces the performance of antennas using Ferrite. Antennas are made in forms attached to the covers of batteries and battery packs. Antennas can also be developed in diverse forms.
We currently develop and manufacture hardware and whole products through OEM and ODM for digital wireless applications. We also continue to invest in technology development for diverse wireless solution in order to meet the needs of our customers and take a lead in developing components.

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