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Due to the rapid growth of Wide Area Network (WAN) and wireless communication market, Bluetooth products continue to improve. The advent of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) had made it possible for Bluetooth, which was used only for notebooks, smart phones, headsets, etc, to be applied to healthcare devices, medical appliances and diverse accessories, and, as a result, Bluetooth market has expanded. The requests for OEM and ODM relating to Bluetooth wireless technology continue to be made.
Able to develop Bluetooth applications
Able to develop products in every field including hardware, mechanical, and software.
Experienced in developing Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Contact-less Bluetooth Headset
Able to make specialized design for RF Performance (Our RF R&D equipment include anechoic chambers.)
Have know-how relating to manufacture process such as audio test using audio box, RF test using near coupler, and etc
Able to manufacture through OEM and ODM in Korea and China.