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Wireless charging technology is developing rapidly as mobile devices including smart phones are being used more and more. And its applicability is infinite. As a result, technology relating not only to batteries and but also to charging are developing continually. We design and manufacture diverse products for wide experience. Wireless charging can be applied to any field as well as to smart phones.
There are two methods: long-distance electric power transmission using magnetic resonance and short-distance electric power transmission using coils within chargers
Able to charge at close range as well as from long distance
A solution suitable for waterproof mobile devices, which is a hot issue these days
Able to transmit wireless power efficiently
Develops and manufactures wireless charging applications specialized for PINCRAFT’s antenna development technology and circuit design technology
Has expertise for development of wearable type applications, high power coils and has wide know-how about related modules
Equipped with R&D apparatus for wireless charging applications