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Near Field Communication (NFC) is one of Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) and uses 13.56Mz frequency range. It has a loop structure and strengthen the performance of antennas using ferrite. Antennas can be made in forms attached to battery covers and battery packs. It can be made in diverse forms.
Non contact communication using 13.56MHz frequency range
Excellent security and low price due to short communication distance
With P2P, Read & Write, card simulation functions
Experienced in developing and manufacturing NFC antennas for smart phones and NFC Module
A solution suitable for waterproof devices, which is an hot issue these days; not connecting wireless devices with cables
Develops and manufactures wireless charging applications specialized for PINCRAFT’s antenna development technology and circuit design technology
Has expertise for development of wearable type applications, high power coils and has wide know-how about related modules
Equipped with NFC-related Passive & Active equipment and measurement apparatus such as Dongle Tag, Reference Tag