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Flexible PCB type Antenna
FPCB, which is used for 2D or fluent 3D curved surface using Flexible PCB, is a low-price antenna that makes it much easier to assemble cell phones. It can be used for all of 2G/3G/4G mobile phones, and it can also be designed for both main antenna bandwidth and sub antenna bandwidth (LTE/GPS/Wi-Fi/Diversity).
An antenna attached to a case using double-sided adhesive tape or plastic welding after a pattern is made with copper on polyimide films
Possible to make on a simple 2D curved surface and easy to make space under a case since an antenna is attached to the outside of a handset case
Easy to develop and change the forms or patterns, and the price is relatively low in case of small size.
When the patterns are made, it is very free to set distance between patterns.
Mostly, it is used for small-sized sub band antennas (WIFI, GPS,…).
The contact method of FPCB antenna and feed pad can be using a c-type clip and also using cable with connector, soldering,
and so on.
Difficult to make antenna patterns on complicated 2D curved surfaces and to make patterns on 3D curved surface such as edges.